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The Chinese Zodiac | 5 Min. reading duration

The chinese zodiac sign Rooster

The Rooster is in the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac. According to the legend, he reached his destination – a festival organised by the Jade Emperor – after the Dog and before the Monkey. Thus, the Rooster secured the 10th place in the Chinese zodiac.

Let us take a closer look at how Chinese culture interprets the Rooster and what unique character traits the Rooster possesses. 

The Characteristics of the Rooster

Roosters are generally considered to be particularly hardworking, resourceful and courageous. They have the gift of being able to give structure to the worst chaos. This is why they are held in high esteem by those around them. At the same time, the Rooster needs the attention and recognition of its surroundings. Being the centre of attention therefore is ideal for the Rooster. 

Roosters are quickly annoyed when they are interrupted while speaking – after all, they want to communicate their special ideas and achievements to the people around them. So it’s best not to try to snatch the Rooster's attention in the first place, because then there's a risk that the Rooster will become belittling. 

By the way: In the end, success usually proves the Rooster right anyway. 

The Special Differences of Roosters

While 12 animals are covered by the Chinese zodiac, the combination with the five-element teachings ensures that Roosters are differentiated from each other once again: This results in special character traits.

Below, you can check which special element you are bearing as a Rooster:

1921, 1981Metal
1933, 1993Water
1957, 2017Wood
1945, 2005Fire
1909, 1969Earth

With Pride: The Characteristics of the Rooster

Now you know what type of Rooster you are. Let's take a closer look at how the different types of Roosters differ and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Metal-Rooster: The Metal Rooster is the problem solver among Roosters. It always keeps an overview and is bursting with good ideas and solutions. The Metal Rooster would always stand up for its convictions – it won't be bent.

Although it sometimes seems “stuck” in its views, those around it usually perceive the Metal Rooster as an honest and correct person. Metal Roosters value prosperity and really get stuck in professionally to make it as nice as possible for them and their family. 

Water-Rooster: The element of Water gives this type of Rooster a lot of flexibility. Unlike their “Metal siblings”, they are more willing to compromise and have more empathy. They have an eye for beauty and are very attracted to art and culture. 

This also is a strength of the Water Rooster: Its high level of imagination and fantasy makes it the perfect artist. Although Water Roosters are only too happy to be in the spotlight, they would never defend this place with their fists, because they are not argumentative and avoid conflicts wherever possible. 

Fire-Rooster: Now things are getting spirited! Fire Roosters are the ultimate movers and shakers. Simple appreciation is not enough for them, they want full control and leadership positions. 

The Fire Rooster smells competition quickly, but always knows how to help himself to the spotlight. Little surprising: German entertainer Harald Schmidt was born in 1957 and therefore is a Fire Rooster. 

Wood-Rooster: Like other Roosters, the Wood Rooster is very success-oriented as well. The big difference to the other elements is that the Wood Rooster is particularly open to new things; it is particularly interested in positive change and innovation. The Wood Rooster is usually the first to know about new trends. 

The sociable Wood Rooster is much appreciated by those around him because of his generous and friendly nature. By the way: Born in 1945, actress Mia Farrow is a Wood Rooster and known for her humanitarian commitment. 

Earth-Rooster: The element of Earth gives the Rooster a good bit of down-to-earthness. The Earth Rooster is a responsible realist who stands in life. Earth Roosters always realise goals and projects efficiently and reliably. Due to its high sense of responsibility, the Earth Rooster weighs very carefully whether an argument is worth entering into at all. 

Here it takes a more analytical and strategic approach than its “element siblings”. Although he also likes to tell the people around him what they should or should not do, he is nevertheless considered popular – not least because of his charming approach. 

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Career for Roosters

Roosters are considered particularly motivated when it comes to careers. As hard-working multi-talents, they can find their way in numerous jobs. Good career opportunities for Roosters lie in these areas:

  • Justice
  • Sales
  • Gastronomy
  • Journalism
  • Doctor (surgeon)
  • Army 

Roosters in Love – It Works With these Zodiac Signs

Roosters are considered to be extremely loyal. They form long-term friendships by always keeping their promises, however, some people have problems getting involved with Roosters. After all, they are only too happy to boast about their performance. 

Nevertheless, there are particularly suitable partners for Roosters. You can see from the following overview which partners are ideal for a relationship and which combinations might prove more difficult:

IdealOx, Snake
GoodPig, Dragon, Horse
AverageMonkey, Rat, Goat, Tiger
DifficultRabbit, Rooster, Dog

Do not be unsettled if your (potential) partner does not match the Chinese ideal! Even critical combinations can lead to a passionate relationship and provide new perspectives!

The Specifics of the Rooster Woman

The Rooster woman is humorous and adaptable. She is said to be at her best in routine teamwork. She is dutiful and meticulous in everything she does – whether in her private or professional life. 

Her caring sometimes makes her want to proselytise others. But their real intention is to help others. Nevertheless, she gets along very well in society. Wherever there is room to talk and discuss, she feels comfortable.

In love, the Rooster woman is considered an extremely passionate partner. However, what she gives in love, she demands back in at least the same measure: her partner comes first, but if he does not give her the attention she deserves, she will turn away. 

How the Rooster Man Works

The Rooster man wants to look good – and he does! With an upright and straight posture, he is only too happy to delight those around him. At the same time, he is always friendly and shrewd and thus builds a connection with those around him. 

With a large portion of charm, he puts himself in the limelight, where he also feels most comfortable. Awards and glittering medals that confirm him in his actions are extremely important to him. In love, the Rooster man shows himself to be an excellent lover. 

If the Rooster man is in a committed relationship, he is always looking for reassurance. Small gifts or caresses give the Rooster man exactly what he needs. The Rooster man will do anything for his family. However, he expects neither his partner nor his offspring to dispute his top position.

The Health of Roosters

Good news first: Naturally, Roosters are healthy and strong. However, they find it difficult to maintain moderation from time to time, which is why Roosters tend to overexert themselves. 

Tip: Sometimes you should take a step back and “leave things alone”. At the latest when circulatory problems, nervousness or sleep disturbances become noticeable, it is time to relax. A cup of tea with a good book or a short wellness holiday will help the tap get back on track.