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The chinese Zodiac | 5 Min. reading duration

The chinese zodiac sign Rabbit

The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In the Western context, a Rabbit is a shy and nimble creature. They are shy and nimble, but a flight animal like a Rabbit has to be!

But what characteristics do people with the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit have? Let's take a closer look at this question and what makes people with the zodiac sign so special.

Special Features of a Rabbit

Rabbit are considered to be extremely peaceful, sensitive and cultured. They are very sociable without being pushy. They are also extraordinarily in need of harmony, gentle, calm and friendly. 

Rabbits flatter their counterparts with their friendly nature and like to put a smile on the faces of those around them. Rabbits are also characterised by their high level of loyalty and honesty. 

Sometimes, however, Rabbits almost act TOO cautiously: Due to their conservative and cautious nature, they therefore often miss good opportunities.

Differences Between the Five Types of Rabbits 

The Chinese five-element teachings assigns one of the five elements to the Rabbit, as it does to every sign of the zodiac. This results in unique differences for the character trait among the Rabbits. You can see from the following overview which type of Rabbit you are:

1951, 2011Metal
1903, 1963Water
1915, 1975Wood
1927, 1987Fire
1939, 1999Earth

The Special Character Traits of the types of Rabbit

However, not all Rabbits are created equal! The combination of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit with one of the five elements results in special character traits, which we would like to take a closer look at below:

Metal-Rabbit: While Metal Rabbits are very caring and romantic like their peers, they are more principled than all other Rabbits. Due to their high focus on their projects, their private life often suffers.With their clear mind, they are able to tackle and solve problems quickly. By the way: Metal Rabbits are said to be even healthier and more robust than other Rabbits.

Water-Rabbit: The element of Water gives the Rabbit a high degree of sensitivity. Her compassion for those around her is almost boundless. This can also be the Water bunnies' undoing if they make other people's problems their own. Water bunnies should therefore make a point of separating themselves from time to time so that their strong feelings for others do not lead to mood swings.

Wood-Rabbit: Wood Rabbits are eager to provide for the care and safety of the family – this is their top priority. For potential partners, Wood Rabbits are a gem: They carry their partner on their hands and care for them. In professional life, Wood Rabbits come up trumps with diligence and strategic skills. Wood Rabbits are quietly happy about success. Recognition is secondary to them. Wood Rabbits show themselves as gentlemen here: They are silent and enjoy.

Fire-Rabbit: The Fire Rabbit is polite and decent like its fellow Rabbits. It doesn't show it, but unlike the other Rabbits, it loves encouragement and recognition, despite its modesty. The Fire Rabbit does not tend to avoid problems, but it never solves them clumsily or mindlessly: In fights with rivals, it is smart and sweeps its enemies off their feet with humour, knowledge and finesse. Speaking of sweeping off their feet, did you know that Lionel Messi was born on June 24th, 1987 and therefore is a Fire Rabbit?

Earth-Rabbit: Down-to-Earth with vision, that's how the Earth Rabbit presents itself. Financial security is more important to him than to any other Rabbit. That is why he is a master at keeping his money together. It can do without ephemeral luxuries anyway. Decisions are made with the necessary care – risks are avoided. This sometimes makes the conservative Earth Rabbit a little inflexible, so that it lets one or two good chances slip through its fingers. The Earth Rabbit prefers to solve problems in silence.

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Career Prospects for Rabbits 

With their friendly nature, Rabbits always delight their counterparts and are therefore simply likeable to most people. This plays into the hands of the Rabbit for its career! 

With a good education, a profound general knowledge and their friendly nature, Rabbits can regularly convince their superiors of their merits.

For people who belong to the zodiac sign Rabbit, interesting career opportunities arise, for example in the fields: 

  • Medicine
  • Breeding
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Police 
  • Politics

Wherever the Rabbit can make a difference for its fellow human beings, it feels the best.

The Rabbit In Love 

As for all Chinese zodiac signs, there are also particularly suitable partners for the Rabbit. Below you can see which partner is a perfect match for you “by nature” and which combination might prove more difficult:

IdealGoat, Pig
GoodOx, Dog, Monkey, Rabbit
AverageRat, Dragon, Horse, Tiger
DifficultRooster, Snake

Don't worry if your partner is not quite right for you according to this list: The shared sense of family between Rabbits and Snakes, for example, could also turn this unfavourable combination into an intimate love affair. Moreover, the two are united by their charming and friendly nature – which could well result in a happy marriage.

The Rabbit Woman

Rabbit women captivate with their warm-hearted and kind personality. As is typical of Rabbits, the Rabbit woman loves a peaceful environment. That's why she feels most comfortable in a solid circle of friends. She chooses these friends carefully, because she likes to exchange ideas about art and culture. 

The Rabbit woman does not want to have anything to do with confrontations and anger, she will always try to avoid anything negative. Even if she is sometimes in the wrong: The Rabbit woman is always polite, but takes her point of view to the extreme. Teaching them can turn out to be a real Heracles task. 

The Rabbit woman cannot live without harmony and love – Romance and tenderness are the salt in the soup for her. Her partner should regularly prove to her that he loves her. 

When the Rabbit woman has chosen her partner, she is faithful and the perfect housewife. Then, taking care of the household, cooking, children and her husband completely fulfils her. 

The Rabbit Man

The Rabbit man is a friendly and charming person. A peaceful environment with a solid circle of friends is the be-all and end-all for him. Nevertheless, the Rabbit man is very talented professionally: 

His good negotiating skills regularly enable him to gain promotion. Boasting about professional success or material achievements is not important for the Rabbit man, however. 

It doesn't show it, but the Rabbit man has a hard time dealing with criticism. He tends to keep bad thoughts to himself, even if he appears outwardly unimpressed. The most important thing for the Rabbit man is a cosy home that gives him peace and security. 

The Rabbit man needs affection and love like the air he breathes. As a sensitive romantic, he is always on the lookout for the perfect woman – a harmonious relationship is the most important thing for him. The Rabbit man can do nothing with constant criticism and reproaches – in the worst case, the relationship would break.

The Health of the Rabbit 

As a Rabbit, you can rest assured: You are generally very healthy. However, in critical seasons such as winter, you should make sure you take enough vitamins and exercise – otherwise you open the door to infectious diseases such as the flu.

In summer, the best thing you can do as a Rabbit is to make sure you drink enough to stay healthy and fit. Important: Take care of your skin, because as a Rabbit, you have to deal with skin problems from time to time. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress!