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The Chinese Zodiac | 5 Min. Reading duration

The Chinese Zodiac sign Dog

The Dog comes before the Rooster and after the Pig in the Chinese zodiac and thus is the eleventh animal that – according to legend – reached the festival of the Jade Emperor. 

However, we will take a closer look at how the Dog is interpreted by Chinese culture and what unique character traits people with this zodiac sign have.

The Special Characteristics of the Dog

Dog-born people are considered to be sincere, loyal, accommodating and honest. Due of their strong sense of loyalty and sincerity, they almost sacrifice themselves for those close to them. However, they find it difficult to communicate from time to time: Sometimes, they find it difficult to put their thoughts into words, which is why Dogs are – mistakenly – seen as narrow-minded. 

Dogs are very honest and would never seek dishonest gain. Their positive basic attitude therefore quickly gives Dog-borns the feeling that there would be no suffering in the world. When a Dog is confronted with negative things, it is shocked and hurt. 

But Dogs are by no means gullible: They are little sceptics who usually intuitively recognise who is well-disposed towards them – and who is not. A Dog’s trust therefore needs to be earned. However, those who receive it as a gift from the Dog can consider themselves lucky to have gained a loyal, honest and helpful friend or partner.

The Subtle Differences of Dogs

According to the Chinese zodiac, new Dogs are born every 12 years, but extraordinary element combinations only appear every 60 years. The reason is that the Chinese five-element teachings link the zodiac sign with one of the five elements. Which type of Dog you are depends on your year of birth. In the following overview, you can see which element is attributed to you:

1910, 1970Metal
1922, 1982Water
1946, 2006Wood
1934, 1994Fire
1958, 2018Earth

The Special Character Traits of Dogs

Not all Dogs are the same! Although all Dogs have certain identical traits, the association with one of the five elements gives the Dog certain characteristics. Let's take a closer look at which extraordinary character traits are created in the process:

Metal-Dog: The element of Metal gives the Dog steadfastness. With Metal Dogs, you know where you stand. They are always principled and adhere strictly to rules of life. Honestly and fairly, the Metal Dog contests life. Commitment to the environment and to a good cause is a matter of course for the Metal Dog. 

It becomes problematic when the Metal Dog has to deal with unreliable or indifferent people. Then, it quickly forgets its social streak and can become very strict. Talking about the social streak: SPD politician Andrea Nahles was born in 1970 and thus is a Metal Dog.

Water-Dog: Generally, Dogs are sceptics. The Water Dog, however, is much more open towards its environment than the other Dogs are. They also do not share the conservative touch of the other Dogs. 

Water Dogs are very interested in the opinions of others! They use this to be able to think outside the box. This way, they continue to educate themselves socially and intellectually. Their honest and helpful nature is perceived as very positive by those surrounding them, making them extremely popular.

Fire-Dog: The element of Fire gives the Dog independence and a sense of adventure. Being at home by 10 pm? Not with the Fire Dog! It wants to come and go whenever it wants. Fire Dogs are very freedom-loving, which makes them reluctant to form firm bonds. If they choose to be in a relationship, they will never submit. 

However, as long as the Fire Dog can decide following its free will, it is happy and content and only then willing to have a relationship as well. Therefore, better not forbid the Fire Dog anything! Only then it is a faithful and passionate partner.

Wood-Dog: Wood wants to grow and expand. It is the same with the Wood Dog: The element gives the Dog flexibility and openness to new things. Therefore, the Wood Dog is always open to criticism. It uses it to work on himself. As a charmer, it loves good company. 

However, its need for harmony can bring bite inhibition: Criticism can quickly lead to the Wood Dog becoming insecure. Nevertheless, the Wood Dog always finds its place in society as a fair and loyal team player. 

Earth-Dog: Earth Dogs are considered hard-core realists – and that's among the already sensible Dogs. Their sense of reality is a curse and a blessing at the same time: On the one hand, they are a little more careful and cautious than other Dogs, but on the other hand, this makes them thorough and productive. 

There is strength in tranquillity! Earth Dogs are organisational talents who are energetic about their projects. The only thing they could cut back on is their perfectionism – this would often save time and nerves.

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Dogs in Career 

Due to their high degree of loyalty, Dog-born people are best suited for professions which they serve others in. Dogs are wholeheartedly committed to their profession and are therefore desirable workers. Interesting career paths for Dogs are:

  • Policeman
  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • Priest
  • Supervisor

Dogs in Love

Generally, Dogs are Rather sceptical and conservative. Therefore, they take a long time to find the perfect partner. But whoever shows them this patience can be happy: In a relationship, Dogs are extremely loyal and honest. 

Dogs care for their partners lovingly and selflessly. Which combinations with other Chinese zodiac signs work extremely well in love and which turn out to be more critical can be seen in the following overview:

IdealHorse, Tiger, Rabbit
GoodRat, Monkey, Snake, Pig, Dog
AverageGoat, Rooster
DifficultDragon, Ox

Even though critical combinations can lead to a beautiful relationship, there are combinations that are much better matches.

The Specifics of the Dog Woman

The Dog woman is extremely dynamic and helpful – both privately and professionally. To achieve her goals, she needs constant praise and recognition. Due to the conservative streak of the zodiac sign, the Dog woman is sceptical of new things and needs a lot of time to adjust to changes. 

At parties, however, the Dog woman is a welcome guest. The men’s world lies at her feet because of her charming manner, which is why she is not always in the limelight. You shouldn't steal her thunder either, because then, she can quickly become tactless. 

In a relationship, the Dog woman needs a lot of love and petting. Her partner should always express his love and offer little surprises. 

What Makes the Dog Man?

As a loyal, intelligent and sincere contemporary, the Dog man is perceived and appreciated by those around him. Beating around the bush is not something the Dog man does: He gets straight to the point! In conflicts, however, he is willing to compromise and always listens to what the other side has to say first. 

The zodiac sign Dog gives the Dog man a conservative streak, which sometimes hinders him from quickly seizing new opportunities – he simply is too cautious for that. His reliability and self-sacrificing nature make the Dog man a true pack leader that others look up to. 

In love, the Dog man tends to be cool and calm, but inside, he is filled with passion. He needs more frequent proof of love, which can appear in the form of small gifts or even a hug. 

Overbred or Perfectly Healthy? Dog Health

If you are a Dog, you can now breathe a sigh of relief, because you are considered very healthy! However, your health is related to your emotional state. Only happy Dogs are healthy Dogs! 

With all the activities that come from work, social activities and sports, make sure you take enough breaks. This is beneficial to physical and mental health and ensures a happy and long life as a Dog.