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Zodiac Sign Capricorn and Zodiac Sign Pisces 

Pisces & Capricorn - Glitz and Glory

What could be better than coming home after a hard day's work and finding a partner that you can let yourself go with? The zodiac sign Pisces brings romance into the life of the zodiac sign Capricorn. They are a reliable partner who like to take care of their Capricorn. The Pisces have a very good connection to their own feelings. 

As a result, they radiate warmth and caring. This tempts Capricorn to reveal its true self. Under the rough shell hides a sensitive, as loving soul. They quickly accept each other. Their strengths and weaknesses complement each other positively. The Pisces lovingly takes care of their common home. Feelings in the relationship fall under their jurisdiction. Meanwhile, the Capricorn provides structure, security and support in the life of the zodiac sign Pisces. 

Clear Communication is the Key

Also, the fact that Capricorn takes the lead in the important issues of life does not bother the Pisces at all. Since they generally find it difficult to make decisions, it is only good for them if the Capricorn takes responsibility. Therefore, a strong harmony can develop very quickly and a deep bond of love is made. 

Major conflicts only arise when they conceal their true feelings for too long. Especially the zodiac sign Pisces is not known for expressing their opinion freely, they prefers to eat up their anger. Clear communication with firm rules is the alpha and omega for a successful relationship.

pisces and capricorn

The Capricorn Man and the Pisces Woman

Mowgli and Baloo

“The Bare Necessities” could be the common song for the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman. With no one else, the Capricorn man can let himself go like with the Pisces woman. She is his “Baloo”. Her loyal nature and strong connection to her soul makes it very easy for the Capricorn man to open up to her. It fits well that earth signs often harmonize with water signs. 

They Rub Off on Each Other

In a relationship, they respect each other and appreciate the qualities of their partner. The Capricorn man provides security and safety. He is always careful to keep his loved ones safe, that's why he spends countless hours at work. The Pisces woman has his back, she is careful not to put any additional stress on him.

The Capricorn man positively rubs off on the Pisces woman, for example, he brings more structure to her life. The Pisces woman cultivates the feelings of her Capricorn man. The stars mean very well for this couple.

The Capricorn Woman and the Pisces Man

Love at Second Sight

At first, the connection between the disciplined Capricorn woman and the emotional Pisces man seems incompatible. If we look at the characteristics of the Capricorn woman and the Pisces man more closely, we can see fundamental similarities that complement each other very well. Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold.

Although they are comfortable and admire each other, separations are more common in this combination. A major reason for this is that the Pisces man prefers to swallow his frustrations instead of naming them clearly. The dominant nature of the Capricorn woman causes her to take the lead. Unwillingly, she neglects the needs of her sensitive partner.

They Complete Each Other

If this is the case, the Pisces man will escape into his dream world more and more. He closes himself off to his partner. Therefore, communication between them must be open from the beginning, then they can bring their unique qualities to the table without hesitation. 

The Capricorn woman always steers her Pisces man in the right direction. They complete each other and a permanently satisfying partnership is within their reach.


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