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The Pisces Woman

February 19th to March 20th

The Woman With Angelic Patience

The Pisces woman is often compared to a mermaid. They are always surrounded by a touch of magic and supernatural. Some fear the mermaid as an evil witch, others delight in her beauty. They fall for her charms forever. Who has a deeper and more sensitive soul than the Pisces woman? You would have to search for a long time. The Pisces woman is in deep connection with her feelings from an early age. Psychic experiences are not extraordinary and she is a lady with a big heart. Nothing gives her more pleasure than being able to share her happiness – she loves to give. Be it small gestures or an open ear and a shoulder to lean on. She is a wonderful friend, who you just have to like. In dealing with her fellow human beings, she is very gentle and understanding. When she lets her pent-up anger run wild, she can rage like a storm. Once this has passed, a gentle breeze of forgiveness blows again.

Distanced to Protect Herself

The Pisces woman is a very unstable woman who lives on the recognition of her loved ones. She is extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Because of this, she often comes across as cool and distant, but this is only to protect herself. Otherwise, she would be at the mercy of people without any help. Due to her partly naive nature, she often falls for the wrong man anyway. 

She goes through toxic relationships over and over again. Men who are not as serious about love as she is, like to take advantage of her clinginess. She makes herself very dependent on her partner and clings strongly, therefore, it builds up a protective armor to avoid being hurt.

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Emotional and Sensitive Does Not Mean Weak

She seems fragile, maybe she even is. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate her. Emotional and sensitive does not mean weak with the Pisces woman at all. Quite the opposite. Loyalty to herself and her peculiarity to always see the positive, to be able to forgive again and again. These are qualities that testify to incredible perseverance and willpower. 

She has an imagination that is second to none and the talent to see people with their heart. She penetrates all shells and sees directly into the hearts of people. This power can be felt positively. For example, she is a fantastic listener and good advisor. But also in negatively, then she can be manipulative. She imposes her will very subtly and gets what she craves. To outsiders, it looks like happiness is falling into her lap.

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