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The Zodiac Sign Pisces

February 19th to March 20th

General Information About the Zodiac Sign Pisces

The zodiac sign Pisces (Latin for fishes) is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Its ruling planet was Jupiter at first, but now it is Neptune. What is special about this zodiac sign is that the sun has been rising on the day of the equinox in the constellation of Pisces since around the time of Christ's birth. It will continue to do so until 2150 – after that the Sun will rise in the zodiac sign Aquarius. The zodiac sign Pisces belongs to the element of water and is female. Along with the zodiac sign Cancer and the zodiac sign Scorpio, it forms the trine of the element Water and with the zodiac sign Gemini, the zodiac sign Virgo and the zodiac sign Sagittarius, it is part of the four mutable signs. Moreover, the zodiac sign Pisces already was part of to the Babylonian zodiac.

General Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Pisces

  • Imaginative
  • Intuitive
  • Selfless
  • Charismatic
  • Helpful

With Pisces, the Boundary Between “You” and “I” Becomes Blurry

The last sign of the zodiac is the most mysterious and enigmatic of all zodiac signs. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces pretty much combines all the characteristics of its predecessors. No one is as intuitive and sensitive as Pisces-born people, they impress with their extraordinary sensitivity and detect the subtlest vibrations in a room. 

It is not surprising that Pisces are socially committed and actively support their fellow human beings. Sometimes they empathize with their counterpart to such an extent that the boundary between “I” and “you” becomes blurry, which creates an amazing atmosphere in which a strong symbiosis is created. As a result, many people fall for the unique charm of the Pisces. Afterwards, they want to conquer them by all means. They, however, move back, although the search for a partner has a high priority. 

Although selfless and helpful, and standing out from the crowd with their strong emotional emphasis, the Pisces likes to batten down the hatches. Not out of malice, but because the fish has a very great fear of internal injuries. In the case of more mature people, you can see that they have had the experience of having their generosity taken advantage of on several occasions. They prefer to distance themselves before a person can take advantage of them.

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Pisces Show Great Courage

Nevertheless, and this is remarkable, the zodiac sign Pisces faces its fears and shows great courage. No one goes after their inner demons as much as the sensitive Pisces do. They face the inner struggle. It's just too bad that they always avoid confrontation in interpersonal relationships. They prefer to avoid an argument instead of venting their anger. 

In general, Pisces are unreliable and prefers to live into the day instead of clearly structuring it. They are just following their instincts. In doing so, they neglect rational considerations and arrangements. In the moment they are arranging a meeting, they are often to let the meeting go by intuition. Their thoughts are subsequently dominated by following this feeling.

They possess an overwhelming primal confidence in life, completely savoring the moment – this is their purpose in life. There are plenty of reasons to like them from the heart. As a friend, they convinces their acquaintances with empathy and sensitivity. They never say no when their help is needed, and besides, they don't leave your side until you have a smile on your face again.


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