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Zodiac Sign Leo and Zodiac Sign Pisces 

Leo & Pisces - Love With Detours?

It is very difficult for the Leo and the Pisces to find each other. However, this only seems obvious at first glance. On the surface, the proud, self-confident Leo doesn't have much in common with the sensitive and self-sacrificing Pisces. But appearances are deceptive, because behind the shiny appearance of the Leo hides just as sensitive a person as the Pisces is said to be. 

Deep beneath the reserved nature of the Pisces lies the desire to appear stronger to the outside world. In this respect, the signs of the zodiac are more alike than you might initially suspect. The reason that they rarely meet is that both do not want to admit their “weakness”. Projections of the “inadequacies” onto the other occur. In the other person, they see what they only suspect about themselves at best. 

The Dreamer and the Real-Life Person

The connection between Leo and Pisces is further complicated because the goal-oriented and reality-oriented Leo cannot do much with the daydreams of the Pisces. In addition, the Leo is adventurous and open to joint activities, but wants everything to be planned and thought through at least once. The spontaneous and flexible side of the zodiac sign Pisces does not come in too handy in this.

If you look at the constellation between the zodiac sign Leo and the zodiac sign Pisces from a different angle, you will see that they complement each other excellently and naturally in other things. The Leo never has to worry about the Pisces disputing their throne in the center of attention. Here, Pisces are only too happy to let Leos take first place. In addition, both have a strong tolerance for other people. To their fellow people, they are generous and understanding.

If they look more closely, the Pisces will see the Leo’s big heart and the Leo will see the Pisces’ steadfastness and loyalty. Once that is done, this couple can look forward to a bright future – with detours.

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Leo Man and Pisces Woman

He Conquers Her heart With His Romantic Side

During the first contact, it will depend on the extent to which the Pisces woman perceives the flirting behavior of the Leo man as posturing and showing off. Self-promotion is not her cup of tea and she smells a show-off from a long distance. 

However, should she perceive the calm and stylish charm of the Leo man, there is no way around her liking him. The Pisces woman cannot ignore the attention she receives from the Leo man. The romantic side and courteous behavior of the Leo man also favors his attractiveness with her. 

A Look Below the Surface Would Suffice

However, she will briskly distance herself from him if she catches him flirting with other women. For her, this is a mood killer. In turn, if the Pisces woman finds a Leo man attractive, he finds her appearance too weak. 

The Leo man wants a strong and confident woman by his side. Undoubtedly, the Pisces woman is self-confident but she doesn't flaunt it at all. If the interest is for a long-lasting relationship, it is necessary that they look below the surface of each other. Only then, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man

The First Impression Counts

The first challenge for the Leo woman and the Pisces man will actually be their first contact. The Leo woman can overlook the Pisces man too easily. Because while she attracts all eyes, the Pisces man enjoys in the background and observes in silence. However, once that is over with, this connection definitely has the potential to turn into a happy and long relationship. 

In His Arms, She Feels Safe

The liberal attitude of the Pisces man benefits the Leo woman. He certainly won't want to steal her attention or even forbid her to get it. Moreover, there is a high probability that the Pisces man will succeed in bringing out the sensitive and vulnerable side of the Leo woman. Through his high empathy, he can succeed in having the Leo woman bring out those sides in him. In his arms, she feels safe and secure. 

At first, she suspected that the Pisces man was weak. But he certainly is not a wimp. He is strong and loyal, especially to the people he loves and cherishes. For them, he goes through fire. With such a strong partner by her side, the Leo woman will have enough hold to be able to give 110% in the future. 

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