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Zodiac Sign Virgo and Zodiac Sign Cancer 

Cancer & Virgo - An ideal partnership?

Great similarities with very few differences define the relationship between the zodiac sign Virgo and the zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer wants consistency, fidelity and harmony from a partner. They want to build their own home together with their partner, have financial security and not worry about trivialities, so that they can fully concentrate their fantastic energies on their partner and family. What a coincidence that the zodiac sign Virgo can offer them exactly that: 
the Virgo is grounded, down-to-earth, ambitious and modest. They loves their existence and take great pleasure in shaping their life and realizing their goals. In doing so, they proceed logically and consistently and always remains true to themselves. Moreover, they do not succumb to their feelings, but are guided by their intellect. All these things make them a reliable and strong partner, ideal to be the dream partner of Cancer. 

In hard times they remain loyal 

With all the harmony and peace, things can also get heated between the zodiac sign Cancer and the zodiac sign Virgo. Doors are slammed and their shouting wakes the neighbors. An argument like this can be about the Virgo showing more feelings and letting themselves go more, and the Virgo then accuses Cancer of being too naive, unpunctual and sometimes too fickle.

Despite everything, there is hardly any noteworthy reason for breakup in this relationship, because they know that they enrich each other and rub off on each other. For example, the Cancer will be more relaxed with the Virgo in dealing with their emotions, while the Virgo will learn to open up more through spending time together with the Cancer. From the outside, it is simply beautiful to see how they hold on to each other and remain true to each other even in difficult times.

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The Virgo Man and the Cancer Woman

His continuity attracts her

The graceful Cancer woman will fall in love with the quiet Virgo man relatively quickly, despite or perhaps because of a long period of getting to know him. After all, there are enough reasons for them to do so, as it is a promise of a safe and pleasant life. Meanwhile, the Virgo man appreciates her sensitive and family side, which make her simply lovable for him. He will be able to collect another bonus with the Cancer woman when she gets to know his sense of order. Continuity with the male sex really attract them, because she has less of it herself. 

He is her rock

Mood swings and indecisiveness are more common with her than she would like. However, she feels very secure with the Virgo man and would claim that he is her rock. This honesty and the courage of the Cancer woman's own weakness cause the Virgo man to trust her more quickly than he usually does, and by being calm and level-headed, he can take away all the fears and worries of the Cancer woman and she will always love him for it and support him in all his decisions. 

In summary, both the Virgo man and the Cancer woman are very lucky to meet. In this sense: Keep your eyes open.

The Virgo Woman and the Cancer Man

They are not made for stress and strife

Gently, slowly, very carefully and not rushing anything. Even at the beginning, the Virgo woman and the Cancer man share the same thoughts. A long getting to know, which is characterized by steadily growing admiration, in which neither she nor he wants to rush anything, they have in common from the beginning. They are not pushy and know how to take a step back to find a compromise. Because from their point of view, life is not made for great stress and many disputes. 

If they are in a relationship after some time, it will be peaceful and harmonious as well. Chores around the house are shared fairly and no one has to worry about cleaning up the other person's mess. And if they then realize that they are of the same mind on financial issues, marriage with joint children becomes more and more likely. 

With all the togetherness and consistency, they should take just one piece of advice to heart: they should make sure to do things separately from time to time to be able to slip out of their bubble, because boredom has never helped any love relationship. 


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