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The Cancer Woman

June 22nd to July 22nd

Changeable and Profound

The changeable, profound Cancer woman is as effervescent as the sea. She needs a lot of attention and security to be able to trust. She is suspicious of stormy people, after all, it could be that these people are forcing her into conflicts, which is why she naturally avoids them. 

Due to her pronounced sensitive side, she can be hurt very quickly. After an argument, she retreats for an extended period of time to tend to her wounds. However, once she has gained the trust of a person, she is very empathetic, compassionate and caring. 

The Cancer Woman - A Born Mother 

The most sacred thing for her is family. She is a born mother and will even give up her career to raise her children. All she needs is a partner who shares her quest for security and, like her, has no problems with the traditional division of roles between men and women. 

He also has to be washed with all waters as the loving Cancer woman is caring, but due to her ruler, the Moon, she is subject to strong mood swings. In these phases, she has a tendency to paint in black and white. 

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Like Ebb and Flow

In addition, she can become patronizing and possessive due to her overprotectiveness. However, this rarely occurs with malicious intent. She wants to know that all the sheep are in the dry and gives 110% for her loved ones. She wants to protect her own children from all evil, and if a man can generously overlook this, he has a great enrichment for his life with the Cancer woman: not only a partner who is very caring and tender, but also a best friend with whom you can do all sorts of mischief. You should simply learn how to deal with ebb and flow without being surprised.

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