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zodiac sign Cancer and Zodiac sign Libra

Cancer & Libra - Love With Obstacles

Libra and Cancer can argue fiercely at times. One reason for this is that there is a lot of harmony and understanding among them, especially in the beginning. As contradictory as that sounds, we explain why an apparent balance between them can quickly falter. 

What Libra and Cancer have in common is that they enjoy life to the fullest; they are considerate and empathetic when dealing with other people. This leads them to place great value on their partner's needs in a relationship, and in this respect, it seems to work splendidly between the two. 

Much remains unsaid

But the constant withdrawal of oneself and an excessive focus on harmony in the relationship lead to the fact that much remains unsaid. As a result, deeper issues are quickly swept under the rug. The Cancer-born is secretive about their desire for deep feelings, which are very important to them in a relationship.

The Libra rarely if ever serves with this type of emotion, because at an early stage of the relationship, the Libra's feelings are very superficial in nature. They need a partner who can either come to terms with this or has lots of patience. The Cancer, however, can sometimes be subject to large mood swings and have a rather short fuse, depending on how the moon is positioned. If they run out of patience at some point, a trivial little thing can lead to an argument that is out of proportion to the matter at hand.

Honesty frees them

The drama begins and neither will back down. Reproaches and accusations, unsaid and long-silenced thoughts emerge on the surface and transform into stones that cause deep damages. The Libra is accused to be guided by their mind too much instead of relying on their gut feeling like the Cancer for once. Or the Cancer is accused of being too jealous and should allow the Libra their much-needed space. But in the moment of greatest vulnerability lies the best chance for them to say what they truly feel. 

This honesty frees and binds, and as both strive for harmony, they will also be able to reconcile passionately. If, at these moments, they establish clear rules by which they want to live in their relationship, then the stage is set for a long-term and permanently satisfying partnership.

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The Libra Woman and the Cancer Man

They have a different definition of pleasure

In this relationship, there are increased difficulties. They already start when they get to know each other, because the question of where they could get to know each other undoubtedly has its right to exist. The Cancer man feels incredibly comfortable within his four walls; very rarely does he break out of his comfort zone, while for the Libra woman, this is where the fun begins. 

In the turmoil of society she feels most comfortable

She is incredibly happy in the hustle and bustle of society. He, on the other hand, prefers to enjoy quiet moments. This fact also quickly gives him the impression that the Libra woman is fickle and restless, and he's not even wrong about that. He attaches great importance to a partner who is reliable and consistent, so that she can be trusted. 

The Libra woman, on the other hand, expects an independent partner who will keep her on a “long leash” while he can keep himself busy on his own. Unfortunately, this only applies to the Cancer man to a limited extent or not at all. Sooner or later, these expectations lead them to feel overwhelmed. To be happy in the long run, this relationship demands a lot from them.

The Libra Man and the Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman feels deeply understood

Unlike the Libra Woman and Cancer Man, this love affair is under a better star. A true soul mate relationship can develop here. Favored by tremendous powers of observation and excellent empathy, the Cancer woman feels deeply understood and loved. This is another reason why the Libra man is excellent at dealing with the typical mood swings of the Cancer woman, and as a result, she is happy to be placated by him and repays him with intense affection.   

But the construction of a new road is always associated with noise and work, and this can begin at the first flirt. The Libra man is by no means a child of sadness and if he likes a woman, he will court her fiercely. This energetic but always charming behavior may seem too rushed for the Cancer woman, who needs time and trust before she commits to a man and opens up to him. 

A vicious circle that plunges them into misfortune

However, if she is ready for it, she expects the same from her loved one. She would like to see her real boyfriend much more often, but the Libra man shows his face extremely rarely. The cloaking is a protective mechanism, which he usually acquired in early childhood.

Therefore, when the Cancer woman starts to press him, a feeling of discomfort quickly sets in, and as a result, he will be out alone more often, and she, in turn, will become more and more jealous and possessive. This unintentionally creates a vicious circle that will lead both to unhappiness. Recognizing this will be the big task in order to be able to float on cloud nine permanently.


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