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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Taurus

April 21st to May 21st

Love Goes Through the Stomach

For no other sign of the zodiac, love goes through the stomach as it does for the zodiac sign Taurus. Whether woman or man, they love the pleasure and beauty in life. At the same time, the Taurus attaches particular importance to a calm and relaxed atmosphere in its relationships and has a considerable share in it itself when this comes about. It shines with caring, comfort and pampers its partner using every trick there is. Romantic gestures are not uncommon and a lovingly prepared meal is the order of the day. And when it is not making getting comfortable within its home, it is very sociable and active. This means that it takes its chosen one to glamorous evenings, perhaps to a special play, or to a music concert, or even to a restaurant with the best cake in town. It is a gourmet in many ways, including its choice of partners. The zodiac sign Taurus always takes a long time in important decision-making matters, as it is thorough by nature, and so some time passes before it decides for a permanent relationship.

Faithful like a Bull

Among other things, this is due to the fact that Taurus takes a partnership very seriously and enters into a relationship only if it is convinced that the connection has the potential to last forever. A promise once made is absolutely sacred to the Taurus and it will do its utmost to keep it. This leads to another wonderful trait of the earth sign. The bull is unconditionally faithful and forgives even one or another misstep. When conflicts arise, it doesn't just throw the towel, but goes to incredible lengths to maintain its relationship. It is a homebody by nature and likes to settle down. Therefore, short romances are not its priority, because that does not correspond to its high values and its definition of security and safety. These are two absolute keywords for the zodiac sign Taurus. 

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The Calm Before the Storm

However, the Taurus also has a tendency to be very jealous and controlling. It may be able to forgive small flirtations, and perhaps even a fling, since loyalty is second nature to it, but the otherwise calm Taurus can literally see red, and then any person, no matter how strong and self-confident, should take cover. Small trouble, rolling down the slope like a tiny snowball, builds up inside it over time and continually gets bigger the farther it rolls. Until the barrel is finally full and it no longer holds on to itself. Then the Taurus is not only resentful and angry, but also unwilling to compromise. It may take some time to get back to it, without expecting the zodiac sign Taurus to make the first move on its own. It is far too stubborn for that and, at least in this respect, rather egocentric. The easiest way is to talk to it openly is while holding your favorite dish in your hands. Or you give the loyal Taurus no valid reason for jealousy in the first place, because if you are lucky enough to call a Taurus your partner, you probably won't find anyone better than that.

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