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The Zodiac Signs Virgo and Virgo  

Virgo & Virgo - Not Sought but Yet Found

Two Virgos can be real soul mates. A relationship where you share the same interests, love the same wine, have the same fears, and face and tackle life's challenges similarly. Here, a real partnership is created, in which they have not looked for each other, but have found each other anyways. Because neither the Virgo man nor the Virgo woman are known for being overly outgoing. 

Once both have discovered each other, the question who makes the first move remains. Both the Virgo woman and the Virgo man are rather introverted, mainly due to the distant relationship with their feelings. However, with a counterpart who is so special and promises consistency, they should gather enough courage not to miss out on this opportunity.

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Their Relationship Lacks Excitement

Due to so much togetherness, the excitement in their relationship is lacking from time to time. They are neither spontaneous, nor overly passionate. To allow romance to develop, they lack access to their feelings, and sooner or later, love can give way to habit in this constellation. Thus, the initial love turns into pure boredom. 

There is a risk that they will be too similar. All too often, they mirror themselves in their partner – anything but a favorable circumstance for the self-critical Virgos. They suddenly discover mistakes that they make themselves in their loved one. The combination of weariness and frustration creates an atmosphere of hatred and accusation, and because they spend so much time together, they realize that they are missing balance. Both are advised to increasingly set out on their own. They have to come out of their own motivation. Their love needs seasoning. If they take this to heart, the potential for eternal togetherness definitely is there.


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