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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

October 24th to November 22nd

The Scorpio Promises an Exciting Adventure

The Scorpio belongs to love like light belongs to the sun. No one loves more sincerely, intensely and passionately than Scorpio-born people do. At the same time, they have an erotic and mysterious charisma that most people cannot escape. Getting to know a Scorpio is always fascinating, because the unfathomable and profound Scorpio always has something exciting to tell. No matter in which respect, they always promise an exciting adventure. 

Their sincere interest always makes their date feel very flattered, valued and desirable. From this point on, however, you need to be careful. If you get into the hands of the Scorpio too quickly, they quickly lose interest. In this respect, you have to be careful to never reveal everything about yourself. In order to keep them on their toes, you'd better throw them a morsel every now and then. 

In a relationship, the demanding Scorpio places high value on a partner who can stand up to them. They want someone who can show a clear edge. The Scorpio loves a challenge. In any case, delicate minds are not for them. They are very intense, passionate, dominant and possessive to the point of jealousy. A partner who is not up to it will only be sucked dry. It is not uncommon for sensitive people to come out of this relationship distraught.  

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Equally Exhausting and Attractive

The Scorpio is equally attractive and exhausting. Sensitive yet insensitive, they like to put their finger on the open wound and observe how their fellow human beings react. This way, they repeatedly test the limits of what is permissible. That is just their way of loving.

In return, you get a binding and reliable partner who is very concerned about the well-being of their better half. Once you have won their trust, they grant their partner entrance into their most secret thoughts and longings. With the Scorpio, you get a complete package, which will find everything except boredom in.

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