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Zodiac Sign Libra and Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpio & Libra - When Light and Shadow Meet

The beautiful, the wonderful, the aesthetic, the splendor. The zodiac sign Libra is attracted to all of this. The zodiac sign Scorpio, on the other hand, feels a sense of euphoria with the profound, the mysterious and the complex. Both define beauty in entirely different ways.  

A love relationship between Libra and Scorpio promises one thing above all: A lot of overcoming. It takes a lot of strength, perseverance and conviction to reconcile both worlds. This should especially please the Libra, as she usually is the one who wants to create harmony. With the Scorpio, however, she can quickly cut her teeth. 

They Can Not Understand Each Other

The Scorpio is extremely strong in opinion and will not be bent under any circumstances, no matter how sensitive the Libra is. He sees their views as too superficial. But the Libra will also not get around not being able to comprehend his ways of thinking.

Their relationship requires them to get their stuff together in order to be a good couple. It is not an exaggeration to say that the list of their opposites can be continued for ages. To leave it with some, we take a look at the most important ones. 

A Lasting Relationship Is Possible

The Scorpio is very jealous because of their pronounced fear of loss. The outgoing behavior of the Libra favors this fact. In addition, the Scorpio is prone to violent emotional outbursts. At worst, they are very argumentative. 

Nevertheless, a relationship can work in the long term. Opposites naturally have an appeal to the Libra and the Scorpio. In sexual terms, they develop great passion – at least here they wonderfully harmonize. Nevertheless, they have to be aware that all the effort can lead to nothing. But what is certain in this life?

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The Libra Man and the Scorpio Woman

Whether a Permanent Relationship or a Hot Affair – It is Up to Them

The initial attraction between the Libra man and the Scorpio woman is very strong. The mysterious Scorpio woman has a lot of sex appeal and attracts the charming Libra man with her strength. In this respect, they will find each other in any case, but whether it's a permanent relationship or a hot affair, that's up to them. 

Unfortunately, antagonisms increase as the relationship progresses. Problems are occurring more frequently and the Scorpio woman is visibly irritated by his fickleness. She wants a reliable partner and expects absolute loyalty towards her, however, the Libra man cannot always serve that. He is a bon vivant who is on the road a lot. If necessary, he savors life alone, to the fullest. 

The Strongest Couple in the Zodiac

Jealousy is inevitable. Crashing confrontations very soon become the order of the day. On the one hand, the Scorpio woman leads the Libra man to his deeper feelings, but this tends to unbalance the Libra man. Increasingly, he will shift to a defensive posture. 

The Libra man and Scorpio woman should be aware of what lies ahead before emotional injuries occur. Should they get together over time, this couple will definitely be among the strongest in the zodiac.

The Libra Woman and the Scorpio Man

Are They Sliding Into the Abyss Together?

The Libra woman and the Scorpio man slipping into a relationship is highly unlikely. He loves intense women with strong feelings – not the qualities that the Libra woman has to offer. Emotionally, she floats on the surface and only rarely dives deeper. 

If his passion is nevertheless awakened, there is no stopping him. The strong feelings of the Scorpio man give the Libra woman what she longs for: Recognition. Through his efforts, she feels confirmed. She thanks him for this in her own way. Should the Scorpio man realize this, there is plenty of foundation for a potential marriage. 

A Herculean Task

But whether this will be the case is questionable to say the least. All too often, they misunderstand each other; they think, feel and act differently. The Scorpio man also very rarely lets someone into his cards, which does not contribute to conflict resolution. Unexpectedly, this fact is an incentive for the Libra woman. It is in their nature to want to see through people. In a relationship with a Scorpio man, she will make it her life's work to unravel him. If they focus on their strengths, this relationship may very well work well despite, or perhaps because of, all the differences.


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