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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Pisces

February 19th to March 20th

They Often Idealize Their Partner

People born under the zodiac sign Pisces are as diverse and complex in love and partnership as their emotional world. They love relationships that have a certain magic attached to them, being people with something magical surrounding them themselves. They love the early days of being in love, when both partners still have the famous “pink glasses” on. To keep up appearances, they idealize their partner and like to overlook the downsides. 

In a relationship, they are very affectionate and emotional, but never reveal everything about themselves, their fear of being manipulated and hurt is too great. For this, they arouse the urge to conquer in many people, the erotic and mysterious aura of the Pisces casts a magical spell over them. For them, this is an advantage, because the zodiac sign Pisces rarely dares to take the first step. In general, they are very passive. This does not change in their flirting behavior. 

Their Vulnerable Side is Their Greatest Strength

Getting to know each other is a very slow process. Pisces-born take a lot of time to put their future partner through their paces. They do not want to be hurt, that is why they are quite cautious in love. 

The vulnerable side is their greatest asset in partnerships and relationships. Their sensitivity makes them very empathetic. They are excellent listeners and tender lovers who are never stingy with caresses and physical closeness. 

The zodiac sign Pisces always knows what their partner needs. Luckily, they are willing to give them what they need. Their attention predestines them to give the best gifts. They give without hesitation because they instinctively know that everything you give comes back two- and threefold.

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They Always Keep Their Eyes Open

A partner should not be too stormy. They easily succumb to a temperamental person, but in the long run, Pisces need a considerate and sensitive partner. In short, a soulmate who has similar characteristics. 

In addition, their partner needs a thick skin, because Pisces are erratic. All too often, they succumbs to their moods and emotions. A clear decision or opinion cannot be expected from them. The prefer to wallow in thoughts about all and sundry and build a fantasy world for themselves that they often retreat into, especially in difficult times. 

Therefore, a steady partner at their side is important. This partner has to be able to help them cope with everyday life. If this is overcome, with the zodiac sign Pisces, have a sensual and musical partner. With them, you will experience glamorous and fun evenings. Finally, it should be mentioned that Pisces-born people get along without a partner splendidly. Even if they always keep their eyes open. 

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