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The Zodiac Signs Pisces and Pisces

Pisces & Pisces - A Two-Sided Love

The most common relationship of the zodiac sign Pisces is the connection between the Pisces woman and the Pisces man. They instinctively know about each other's inner lives. They don't need big words to be able to empathize with their counterparts. Empathy is very strong in the sensitive Pisces woman and the emotional Pisces man.

This has various advantages. It makes a trusting relationship easier, which costs quite a bit of time, because neither of them dares to take the first step. However, getting to know each other becomes more intense and delightful. And if they end up in a relationship, they have a lot to offer to each other. They leave themselves enough free space, thus managing the balancing act between togetherness and romantic evenings. 

Within their own four walls, they dream passionately. A symbiosis develops in which space and time play no role. An understanding comes to light that does without words and gestures. The boundary between “you” and “I” becomes blurred until only the “we” exists. Together, they fall into the deep realm of their emotions.

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There is a Great Danger

Unfortunately, these are the moments of intimacy when problems arise. Harmony and disharmony, love and hate, frugality and desire each have a common lineage. If they hold out one tick too long, missing the right moment, holding on for too long: Then one extreme abruptly turns into the other. 

There is great danger between the Pisces man and the Pisces woman. Inevitably, they begin to idealize themselves. Expectations are created that they cannot possibly live up to in the long term. When faced with difficulties, they hide problems and quickly flee into their dream world, whether alone or together does. 

While commonalities led to great attraction, they now present them with great challenges. Everyday life is visibly getting on top of their heads. Instead of talking about difficulties, they pretend that the world is an ideal place. It takes clear communication and firm rules to maintain the relationship between the Pisces woman and the Pisces man. It will not be enjoyable. But it would be a pity, because they could travel around the world together, only with themselves and the bare essentials in the luggage.

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