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The Zodiac Signs Leo and Leo

Leo & Leo - Can It Work?

You would think that identical zodiac signs would understand and complement each other perfectly. With the Leo, there can be difficulties, because when two alpha animals meet, there always is an imbalance. Their world is not meant for two sheriffs. They have to be careful not to get in each other's way. 

One thing has to be clarified quickly: Can both of them take a step back in certain life situations and allow the partner to take precedence? If this does not happen, it will soon be over. People of the zodiac sign Leo share a lot of things, but fame and attention are not among them. 

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Different Circles of Friends are Essential

With this couple, it will be essential to have different circles of friends and projects to fully live out their drive for recognition. Separately, they get the admiration of others and will then spend the evening together in the candlelight. Joint activities become very interesting, especially if they are sporting ones. They get the best out of themselves and spur each other on to top performance. The Leo’s claim to be superior to others is given a very special touch here. 

Once their problems are mastered, a happy relationship is in store for them. In this, they spoil each other and keep faithful to each other. Ideally, they bathe in a wave of happiness and wealth.

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