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Zodiac Sign Leo and Zodiac Sign Capricorn 

Leo & Capricorn - Bread or Circuses?

At first glance, Leo and Capricorn are two very different zodiac signs. But if you look a second time, you can spot certain similarities, for example, both zodiac signs are very dominant types who like to be in control. This also sows the first conflict between the Leo and the Capricorn. 

The zodiac sign Leo can't stand it when someone tries to question their authority at all. The zodiac sign Capricorn is very direct, especially when something does not suit them. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back for the Leo because he is not receptive to criticism at all. He will quickly show his claws and fight is just waiting to start. It is uncertain who will win this one, as both will certainly not let up. 

Luxury vs Frugality

When it comes to finances, sooner or later, there will also be a dispute. While the Capricorn is extremely frugal in order to have enough security, the Leo is only too happy to splurge. Luxury is important to them and the fact that they like to be the center of attention and receive compliments can have its price financially. Leo and Capricorn have to compromise if they want things to work out in the long run. 

Last but not least, there are the life goals of the two. In general, both Leo and Capricorn have the same goals, but they take very different routes to get there. While the Leo is very charismatic in his approach to things, the Capricorn attaches great importance to discipline, efficiency and ambition. He is used to working hard for his goals and does not understand people who do not follow the same approach. This is by no means a point of contention between them, however, it does not favor mutual understanding. 

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Leo Man and Capricorn Woman

The Hands Are Set On Happiness

The Capricorn woman well and truly puts her admirers through a patience test. She wants to be very sure before entering into a relationship with a man, let alone opening up to him. Luckily, she finds an extraordinarily persistent and tenacious admirer in the flamboyant Leo man

Once the interest of the Leo man is sparked, he does not let go until he has what he wants. The more mysterious she remains, the more he will try to achieve his goal. This increases the chances that the Capricorn woman will bind the Leo man to her and that it will not just be for one night. 

Their Power Struggles Either Lead to the End or to Growth

Through the charm of the Leo man and his expressions of love, the zodiac sign Leo may succeed in getting to the soft core of the Capricorn woman. Once she trusts him, she will open up step by step and love him more and more. However, until that happens, other hurdles are in their way. On the one hand, the Leo man is not quite comfortable with the direct nature of the Capricorn woman. Although it may not seem like it, the Leo man is quick to have his ego hurt. 

What is complicating matters is that the Capricorn woman can be extremely dominant, so there is potential for conflict here. The Leo is not someone who subordinates himself to others. In this respect, disputes can always arise. These power struggles eventually lead to one of them pulling the ripcord, or they take them as an opportunity to grow and blossom together.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

They Rarely Find Each Other

It has to be honestly said that the Leo woman and the Capricorn man very rarely find each other. At first, they find each other attractive, at least the Leo woman will consider it a challenge to conquer the Capricorn man. Later, however, there is a lot of potential for conflict. 

Thus, the quiet and background Capricorn man can quickly label the Leo woman as arrogant. He does not care about showing off himself. The Leo woman in turn will find him too unemotional and boring. Both have different views on life and struggle to understand the other. Why should you even bother if you are doing well on your own anyways? 

A Relationship is Not Looking Too Good

If, contrary to expectations, they end up in a relationship, it will demand a lot from them. Fights about who has the say about what are regular occurrences. A lack of expression of love on the part of the Capricorn man does the rest. She wants to be pampered and needs her caresses. The more they fight, the more closed off the Capricorn man becomes. He increasingly closes himself off and unfortunately, the great feelings are left behind. 

Moreover, and this is another item on this list, they lack joint activities. The dapper Leo lady likes to show off and mingle with the crowd. The quiet Capricorn man prefers to tinker with his plans at home when he is not at work. In this respect, this love is not off too well.


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