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The Gemini Woman

May 21st to June 21st

The Gemini woman is a cheerful and carefree partner. She is very outgoing and likes to experiment. Although she is very independent, she likes to be spoiled. Thanks to her great attention, she will not forget about it too quickly either. 

She flirts and seduces men regularly. Being very passionate and spontaneous, she has no difficulty whatsoever in attracting the opposite sex. Hardly any other woman radiates more class than a charming Gemini woman. 

Always on the Pulse of Time

She always has her finger on the pulse and never seems dull. Modern and self-confident, she faces the challenges of life and has no problems traveling the world. She stands on her own two feet and does not depend on anyone, not even a man. She would rather live alone than in chains, but that is unlikely to happen as she has no shortage of admirers. On the contrary, she has trouble getting rid of them all. With so much to choose from, it's no surprise that she's happy to indulge in a hot affair.

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Boredom is Not a Reasonable Condition For Her

At work, the linguistically gifted Gemini woman is equally concerned with her independence. Freelance journalist, actress or self-employed – the Gemini woman loves varied professions. 20 years in the same job? This rather triggers pain in her.

The Gemini woman, despite all her non-commitment, has a strong social streak. She has lots of friends and always has a very good relationship with them. 

Working with children is not difficult for her, and if she does end up in the field of education, she prefers to work with young adults or in adult education. She has to be challenged. If she is mentally underchallenged she will quickly run away. For her, boredom is synonymous with death.


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