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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Capricorn

December 22nd to January 20th

Not One To Fall Around People's Necks

The controlled Capricorn does not fall around anyone's neck in their relationships. They don’t like the display of emotions and show them extremely rarely themselves. At first, second and third glance, you might think that they are very cold and rough, but that is not the case. 

Beneath their hard shell lies a soft core full of deep and tender feelings. They don’t express this through expressions of love, but rather through action. For example, checking in with someone more than once a week is an incredibly big show of love and trust on their part. 

The Capricorn - In Love, They Take Their Time

They want a relaxed and reliable partner whose arms they can come to rest in. If they has a faithful partner by their side, they are passionate and loving. However, their partner has to wait very patiently until this happens. In love, they take their dear time and put a potential partner through their paces. 

Affairs, vacation flirtations and constantly changing partnerships are not their métier. In return, they often unintentionally put their work above their family. Not because their family meant nothing to them, on the contrary, they love them sincerely and work hard to secure them financially. Their family has to handle this topic carefully.

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They Avoid Emotional Debates

They rather avoid emotional debates and Instead prefer to hole up in their work to not to be additionally burdened there. It's better if they call them on it at an opportune moment, without pressure and with logical arguments. They will take this concern to heart and nibble away at it until they find a solution on how to combine work and family. 

If you give the Capricorn enough time, you will have a partner by your side who is mindful, steady, faithful and loyal, someone who is always concerned about the welfare of their fellow people.


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