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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Cancer

June 22nd to July 22nd

The Cancer - Constantly Ready to Fall in Love

The emotional Cancer is made for a love relationship and partnership is a life theme of the zodiac sign. They are always on the lookout to commit. A partner who gives them support and security is perfect for them. 

When it comes to their choice of partner, they shows great patience in order not to make a “bad move”. If the Cancer has extensively “sniffed” their potential partner, they give 100%. There are no half measures, especially not in a relationship. 

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Moody Cancer and Love

Here, they are very caring and tender, and petting and attention are indispensable for them. They like to be cared for, but also take responsibility for their partner and their relationship. They are into candlelit romance, while light piano music plays in the background. A relationship with the Cancer is passionate and offers a lot of depth.

However, a relationship with them can also be very exhausting. Cancer-born people tend to have strong mood swings. If their partners feel constrained, they try to spend time without them, which arouses their deep-rooted jealousy. 

The possessive Cancer is not only loving and affectionate, but also possessive and controlling. As a future partner, you need a thick skin and, above all, the ability to say what you think. Cancer can't take criticism and will retreat into a corner, sulking, but with coaxing, the Cancer is quick to forgive.

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